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Notes - Enterobacter sakazakii

Notes - Enterobacter sakazakii - E sakazakii Enterobacter...

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E. sakazakii Enterobacter sakazakii (Cronobacter spp.) is a bacterium within the family Enterobacteriaceae . The organism was called "yellow-pigmented Enterobacter cloacae " until 1980, when it was renamed Enterobacter sakazakii . Recently, E. sakazakii has been re-classified as 6 species within the genus Cronobacter 1 Enterobacter sakazakii Where is it found? E. sakazakii The primary source of the organism and the main vehicle for its transmission is rehydrated powdered infant formula. 3 E. sakazakii (Cronobacter spp.) has been found at low levels (typically ≤3 organisms per 100 grams) in samples of infant formula powders. 4 Time-temperature abuse of prepared formula causes low levels of contaminants to increase with potential to cause illness.. Enterobacter sakazakii How do you culture it? E. sakazakii Post-process contamination of the formula powder is considered a likely source of the organism, since the usual pasteurization treatments given to the milk in the production process are adequate to destroy E.
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