BSC2011 - Phelps Weeks 1 - 2 Lectures

BSC2011 - Phelps Weeks 1 - 2 Lectures - Course: Term:...

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Course: BSC 2011, Integrative Principles of Biology Term: Fall 2008 Instructor: Dr. S. Phelps, 618 Carr Hall Topic: Animal physiology and development Table of Contents Item Page Syllabus ii-iii FAQ about course and grading iv-v Notes 1-93 Module One – Homeostasis Bioenergetics and thermoregulation 1-5 Animal nutrition 6-12 Nitrogenous wastes 13-14 Water balance 15-19 Circulation 20-25 Respiration 25-31 Module Two – Cell communication: chemistry and electricity Endocrinology and reproduction 32-44 Development 45-64 Excitable cells: from brawn to brain 65-93 Self-assessment quiz one (Homeostasis) 94-97 Key to quiz one 98 Self-assessment quiz two (Cell communication: chemistry and electricity) 99-105 Key to quiz two 106 Practice exam 107-113 Key to practice exam 114 Appendix I: Genetics and transcription crib-sheet 115 Appendix II: Endocrine table 116
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ii INTEGRATED PRINCIPLES OF BIOLOGY II BSC 2011 Lecture Schedule Fall Semester 2008 Sections 0575, 0576 and 6992 Lecturers: Dr. Steve Phelps Office: 618 Carr Hall Phone: 392-6212 Email: Dr. Kaoru Kitajima Office: 518 Carr Hall Phone: 392-4234 Email: Dr. Todd Palmer Office: 411 Carr Hall Phone: 392-6357 Email: Please e-mail for appointments or emergencies only , and be sure to put “BSC 2011” in the subject heading . We are happy to meet and mentor students during office hours, but cannot answer questions about course mechanics or content over email for the nearly 1,000 students enrolled in the course. Plus we’d rather get to know you in person. Discussion Leader: Matthew Salomon Office: 619 Carr Hall Email: Office hours: McCarty A 3152; Lecturers, Wed/Thurs Period 4; Discussion Leader, Tues/Fri Period 4. BSC Office: Tangelyn Mitchell, 220 Bartram Hall, Phone: 392-1565 BSC Director: Dr. Margaret Fields, 392-1565 Email: Lectures: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Periods 3, 5 and 10, McCarty Auditorium Discussions: Friday, Periods 3, 5 and 10, McCarty Auditorium Text: Biology, Campbell and Reece, 7th ed. Examinations: All machine graded exam questions must be answered with a #2 or softer pencil. (Bring several pencils to all exams). ATTENDANCE AT EXAMS IS REQUIRED . DROP THE COURSE IF YOU CANNOT ATTEND EVERY EXAM. YOU MUST TAKE ALL EXAMS IN YOUR REGISTERED PERIOD. MAKE- UPS ARE BY PRIOR ARRANGEMENT ONLY, AND FOR EXTREME REASONS ONLY (must be documented). MAKE-UPS MAY BE ESSAY EXAMS. EXAM I - Friday, September 26, In Class Period (MCC Aud.) EXAM II - Thursday, October 30, In Class Period (MCC Aud.) EXAM III - Wednesday, December 10, In Class Period (MCC Aud.) Grading: Individual exams will be re-scaled by taking the mean of the top 10 students in a section, subtracting it from 100, and adding this difference onto all scores. This re-scales scores so that at least some students receive a perfect score. Grades cut-offs will be defined as A: 90-100; B: 80-89; C: 70-79; D: 60-69. Each exam is worth 32% of your
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BSC2011 - Phelps Weeks 1 - 2 Lectures - Course: Term:...

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