ECO2023 - Summer B 2010 Syllabus

ECO2023 - Summer B 2010 Syllabus - SYLLABUS, ECO 2023...

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1 SYLLABUS, ECO 2023 SUMMER B, 2010 PROFESSOR: M. RUSH OFFICE: 320 MAT OFFICE HOURS: Tuesday, 9:30 to 11:30 AM Office Hours My office is in MAT 320. I have scheduled office hours on Tuesday, from 9:30 to 11:30. (If you need a form signed, however, stop by my office anytime. If I am here, I’ll complete it immediately [yeah, it’s about 100% probability that I have seen the form before NO MATTER what the form might be!]; if I am not in my office, then go to MAT 224, the Economics Department office. Leave the form for me in my mailbox. I’ll complete it ASAP and then leave it with one of the secretaries there for you to pick up.) Required Texts (and material not required!) The required text is the Microeconomics , 9th edition, by Michael Parkin. I typically do not think it truly necessary to buy the most recent edition of the book but in this case I have to make an exception: I really think you need to buy the 9th edition of the book. This edition has several substantive changes from the previous edition: it has an effectively new chapter (Chapter 7); it has deleted a chapter (the old Chapter 14); it has split one chapter into 2 (Chapters 14 and 15); it has changed significantly the presentation in Chapters 6, 10, 13, and 15. So if you want to try to make do with the 8th edition, I think it not a wise idea. Obviously some students will be able to succeed, however equally obviously others will not. Recommended is the Study Guide I wrote to accompany the text book. The Study Guide has a cover similar to that of the book. It has a chapter summary, and then a plethora of questions for each chapter. I have copies of both the text book and the study guide on reserve at the library. So, if you are temporarily unable to buy the book, or want to look at the Study Guide there rather than buy it (which is surely a reasonable course of action) go to the library and use the copy there! If you want to buy a copy of the Study Guide alone, it is available in the bookstores. There are several note-taking services for this class. There apparently also are tutoring services available. Some students find these notes and/or tutoring services exceptionally helpful; for others, they are an expensive indulgence. My view is that if these notes and/or tutors help you, use them. However, I want to be clear that I HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH ANY OF THEM. I provide copies of old exams and answer keys on the class web site so you do not need to buy these notes to acquire old, practice exams.
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2 Some of the chapters cover very easy material and so I do not plan on talking much, if at all, about them in class. Examples of these include Chapter 1 and Chapter 10. Budget your time as necessary to be sure that you read the book because I do expect you will read all the assigned chapters. Class Web Page
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ECO2023 - Summer B 2010 Syllabus - SYLLABUS, ECO 2023...

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