ZOO4232 - Lecture 0 Introduction

ZOO4232 - Lecture 0 Introduction - ZOO 4232 HUMAN...

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1 ZOO 4232 HUMAN PARASITOLOGY FALL SEMESTER, 2010 Lecture Hall: CSE – A101 INSTRUCTOR Dr PETER KIMA Micro Cell Science Building Room 1005 INSTRUCTOR: Dr. PETER KIMA, Micro. Cell Science Building, Room 1005, 392-0384. Email: [email protected] Office Hours: Monday 11:00am – 1:00pm and Thursday 1:10- 2:15pm Class website: http://microcell.ufl.edu/pkima Credits: 3 Textbook : Human Parasitology. Burton J. Bogitsh and Thomas C. Cheng. Academic Press San Diego CA Third Edition ISBN 0 Press. San Diego CA., Third Edition. ISBN. 0- 12-088468-2. Other recommended texts : Cell and Molecular Biology by Gerald Karp. John Wiley & Sons, Inc ; Immunobiology The Immune System in Inc.; Immunobiology, The Immune System in Health and Disease. Charles Janeway and Paul Travers. Garland Publishing Inc, New York NY.
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2 Scope : This course will present information concerning parasite life cycles, biology of host-parasite relationships , epidemiology, methods of diagnosis, prevention and control of parasitic infections of public health importance. Objectives : The student is expected to obtain a detailed understanding of the life cycle patterns of major parasites of importance to humans Appreciate the cell biological aspects of the biology of these parasites and host/parasite interactions Obtain some understanding of the host immune response to these infections as presented in lecture, the assigned textbook and suggested reviews Learn the epidemiology of the diseases associated with these parasites Understand strategies to control or limit their effects on humans gain a basic appreciation of significant unresolved questions relating to some of these parasites and their relationships with humans. Class Attendance : Required Grading : Students in this class will be graded on the basis of Exams. There will be 4 exams each worth 25% of the final Grade. Letter grades including minus grades will be determined solely from exam scores. Make-up policy
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ZOO4232 - Lecture 0 Introduction - ZOO 4232 HUMAN...

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