PCB3134 - Exam 1 Practice Test

PCB3134 - Exam 1 Practice Test - PCB3134 - Test 1 Fall,...

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PCB3134 - Test 1 Fall, 2006 DIRECTIONS 1. Enter your name and UFID number on your answer sheet, . 2. Enter the five-digit test code in slots 76-80 of your answer sheet. The test code can be found at the bottom of each page on your test. IT IS IMPORTANT THAT THIS IS DONE CORRECTLY OR YOUR TEST CANNOT BE GRADED!!! 3. Answer each question with the ONE BEST answer. 4. Turn in your answer sheet when you have finished. 5. KEEP YOUR TEST SO THAT YOU WILL HAVE THE TEST CODE NUMBER . Grades will be posted by test code number. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- READ EACH QUESTION CAREFULLY . Select the BEST ANSWER . If you do not understand the question, you may ask the instructor for clarification. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. What kind of membrane protein is found entirely outside the bilayer on either the extracellular or cytoplasmic surface and covalently linked to a membrane lipid situated within the bilayer? a. integral protein b. lipid-anchored protein c. peripheral proteins (1) c (2) a and b (3) b and c (4) b (5) a 2. Which property below is a property held in common by chitin and cellulose? a. Both contain α (1->4) glycosidic linkages. b. Both contain β (1->4) glycosidic linkages. c. Both are branched. d. Both are unbranched. (1) a and c (2) a and d (3) b and d (4) b (5) b and c 3. In a lytic viral infection, the virus _________. a. usually arrests normal cellular activities. b. redirects the cell to make new viral nucleic acids and proteins leading to the release of new viral progeny. c. integrates its DNA into the host cell's DNA. (1) b and c (2) a (3) c (4) a and b (5) b 4. Which factor(s) determine the electronegativity of an atom? a. number of positive charges in the nucleus b. number of negative charges in the nucleus c. distance of outer electrons from the nucleus d. distance of protons from nucleus (1) a and d (2) b (3) d (4) a (5) a and c
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5. What evidence convinced Overton that membranes were composed of lipids? (1) Membranes dissolved in gasoline. (2) He found that more lipid-soluble solutes enter root hair cells faster than polar solutes (3) He could see the lipids in the microscope. (4)
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PCB3134 - Exam 1 Practice Test - PCB3134 - Test 1 Fall,...

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