Muscular Action on the Spine

Muscular Action on the Spine - o Unilateral contraction can...

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Muscular Action on the Spine Most of the muscles in the trunk region are paired and symmetrically positioned relative to the spine/center of the anterior trunk. o Each muscle on the left side of center has a similar, symmetrically positioned partner muscle on the right side of center The effect of this placement is dependent upon whether these muscles contract unilaterally (on one side of the spine only) or bilaterally (on both sides simultaneously)
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Unformatted text preview: o Unilateral contraction can cause lateral flexion to the same side, or o Unilateral contraction can cause rotation either to the same side or the opposite side, depending upon the line of action of the muscle relative to the center of turning of the spine o Bilateral (symmetrical) contraction causes either flexion or extension of the spine depending upon whether the line of action of the muscles acts anterior to or posterior to the spine...
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