The Shoulder Girdle

The Shoulder Girdle - thin above the elbow thick in front...

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The Shoulder Girdle The shoulder girdle has two articulations: 1. Acromioclavicular o acromion process of scapula and clavicle 1. Sternoclavicular o sternum with medial head of clavicle Structure 1. Acromioclavicular Articulation: o irregular arthrodial joint o articular capsule o strengthened by acromioclavicular ligament on upper surface of acromion process and clavicle o also stabilized by coracoclavicular ligaments ties coracoid process of scapula to clavicle anteriorly by trapezoid ligament inferiorly by conoid ligament 1. Sternoclavicular Articulation: o clavicle articulates with sternum and cartilage of first rib o articular capsule provides chief support for clavicle
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Unformatted text preview: thin above the elbow thick in front and behind by anterior and posterior sternoclavicular ligament o interclavicular ligament attaches to the sternal end of both clavicles o costoclavicular ligament attaches the costal tuberosity on the inferior surface of the clavicle to the top of the first costal cartilage This joint is very important o it permits three degrees of freedom in the clavicle o it is partly responsible for the movement of the scapula o it is therefore important for the movement of the shoulder girdle and upper extremity...
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