Common Shoulder Injuries

Common Shoulder Injuries - contracted the head of the...

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Common Shoulder Injuries 1. Acromioclavicular Sprain o torn or badly stretched acromioclavicular ligaments o the most common cause is a person falling on an outstretched hand (45-90 ° of shoulder flexion) or falls on shoulder to the side 1. Fractures of the Clavicle o a fall onto a rigid, outstretched hand o a blow (downward) to the acromion process 1. Shoulder subluxations or dislocations – a dislocation is a third grade sprain of the shoulder ligaments resulting in complete disruption of the shoulder (humeral head completely out of glenoid fossa) – a subluxation is a partial dislocation. o Forward or subcoracoid humerus is abducted and laterally rotated when pectoralis major is
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Unformatted text preview: contracted the head of the humerus slips out of the glenoid fossa comes to rest beneath the coracoid process most common dislocation o Downward or subglenoid dislocation not common o Posterior dislocation not common The shoulder is usually well protected from these two injuries o by the top portion of the joint capsule o by the upward tilt of the glenoid fossa o by the supra spinatus and posterior deltoid o such dislocations (when they do occur) are due to: a blow to the top of the shoulder when the arm is slightly abducted...
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Common Shoulder Injuries - contracted the head of the...

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