HUM 2 Lecture 9 - Lecture 9 April 27, 2010 yentrann@gmail...

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Lecture 9 April 27, 2010 yentrann@gmail I. All Christians are Augustinian a. Augustine is the most Christian thinker after Paul b. Everything you read that pays attention to the big question will confront Augustine, and use Augustine unconsciously c. Last 4 books deal with philosophy of being Christian II. Augustine a. Born in 354, in Thagaste, with a Christian mother and a non-Christian father b. Towns founded by Romans, and developed the province as a grain basket, being small but with dozens of little towns, and each had their own bishop c. Not poor, but not rich, and was capable of getting a good education, and got it in late teens, going off to the big center in Carthage, and was a bustling center of theatre and educational programs with individual teachers, who were paid a fee for instruction d. North Africans were famous for legal skills, who taught themselves to be lawyers, known and regarded as a pain in the neck i. He studied law at one time in his life e. He was a gregarious person, surrounded by friends for most of his life i. He was a perfectly average person of his time, who was bright enough to get an education, but was indistinguishable with other people like himself ii. The difference between him and the rest, was that he was one of the smartest people on the planet iii. If you read his work, you become aware that he the Einstein of his time, thinking about things in ways some people can’t f. He survived until 430, 76 years old, and died just around the time the Germanic vandals were attacking his town Hippo, which later fell, and eventually conquered the entire province, becoming a base for raiding the Mediterranean g. He was born into a Roman Society which is primarily pagan, and he hated foreign language i. His teachers sent him to writing Latin texts except Greek, so he was a Latin writer ii. Another person like this was Winston Churchill III. Confessions a. Written in the middle 90’s, after his conversion, which was said that it occurred in his 35 th year i. His theories on the phases of one’s life to explain to his friends ii. Most historians don’t believe it, and fudged it to come out just right for his purposes iii. People who he knew were saying “what happened to that guy”, because he was at the pinnacle of his education in Milan, and he just disappears after his conversion, ending up in North Africa b. Sets out the question in the first paragraph, being separated into books i. “Who calls upon you when he does not know you, instead of the right one”, How can you find God if you don’t know him?
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ii. How did I get to where I wanted to be, if I didn’t even know I wanted to be there iii. The answer is already known but not recognized, which is to praise the desire of man iv. The creation is a divine creation, made by God, so everything has God in it, so all of creation exists in time, and is temporal and physical, and as such, it disintegrates, and is corrupted, and dies v. That is an imperfect state, the creator is perfect, unchanging, and eternal outside of time
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HUM 2 Lecture 9 - Lecture 9 April 27, 2010 yentrann@gmail...

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