HUM 2 Lecture 20 - Lecture 20 June 3, 2010 I. I survived...

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Lecture 20 June 3, 2010 I. I survived HUM a. Pick up at the end of lecture II. Divine Comedy a. Purgatorio i. He sees that the griffin has tied the church car to the tree in the center of the garden and left 1. Jesus went up to heaven and the church was left in the world, the tree was the tree of life in the garden and is the connection between the divine and the human 2. The tree produced the wood that Jesus was crucified upon, so when the griffin ties the church to the tree, he restores the tree’s wood to itself, making the world whole again 3. Now in 32, Dante witnesses the whole history of the church, 112 – 114, the Roman eagle descends upon the church, which is the persecutions 4. In 120, a fox climbs into the car, and the fox is Heresy, because the church was beset by Heresy, and finally the fox is banished by Beatrice who is true doctrine 5. 124 – 127, and eagle leaves the car feathered, which is the representation of the donation of Constantine, who gave the church great wealth (feathers), evil 6. A dragon representing pride, and the worldly authority of the church, wrecks the car or the church and carries a part of it 7. In 136 – 41, the church is covered in worldly concerns, and is held by the 7 deadly vices, the 7 sins, with 7 heads from revelations 8. 148 – 150, the church was the bride of Christ, has become a harlot, and is dragged off into the woods, and is now the bride of the Anti-Christ, which is a vision of the future, while the past of Dante the writer 9. The church was dragged off by the French king, to Avignon, which was the boondocks according the Dante, so the bishop of Rome was no longer in Rome ii. Avignon was a walled city, and became the largest bureaucracy of the time in Europe 1. In Avignon there are problems, and Dante is an early representative of cadre of outspoken critics of the church iii. In 33, the vision continues, with the church established , and the Gates of Hell shall not prevail against the Church, promised Peter 1. Much like the promise of David that Israel will forever be controlled 2. How can the church stay in this state, and the belief was that there was divine remnant within the church 3. These were sent back from Persia when they controlled Babylon 4. A single divine girl could be the last remnant 5. There will be a great war at the end of time, and Jesus will arrive and there will be a war between Jesus and the Anti-Christ, and will result in the victory of good, and the establishment of the kingdom of God 6. All those in purgatory will rise up, and those in hell will stay there, and the eternal punishments will be even worse 7. Line 43 – 44, DXV, the coming of the DXV, which is the second coming of Christ 8. Robert Kaske figured out and found that in the mass, the first words that are said at the beginning of the Eucharist in Latin is “Vere Dignun”, which means truly proper because this is the key point of the mass 9. This passage in the missal which has the prayers for the mass, the writers of the text
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HUM 2 Lecture 20 - Lecture 20 June 3, 2010 I. I survived...

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