HUM 2 Lecture 11 - Lecture 11 May 4, 2010 I. Iceland a....

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Lecture 11 May 4, 2010 I. Iceland a. Iceland is so isolated with 300,000 people, that you can trace genealogy i. There are records of the settlements and their families ii. They were concerned about who lived where, and who their children’s children were iii. C.F. means convicted fornicator b. Norway was unified in the 850, having an effect on the population i. Meant that people who had been in control of their own lives, now had to deal with a monarch who had an interest in managing the natural hierarchy ii. For the king, he demoted and diminished others, which was intolerable to some parts of the population who left to Iceland c. It is cold in the winter, but not as cold as you’d expect because of Gulf Stream d. Horses are very strong, and there is even horse fighting i. Horses are not used in Europe very much till 9 th century because Europeans acquired horse shoes, which came from central Asia, and the stirrup ii. Without horseshoes, many of the horses ended up being lame because of rocks, which were there because of the rocks that dropped from glaciers iii. Icelanders take horses just when the horses become useful iv. They invented a new kind of horse collar, which before they couldn’t pull heavy loads, but now came over the shoulders, and could pull as much as an ox, and twice the speed II. Njal Saga a. Setting up the story i. This creates a past and connections to kings, and shows how society works ii. Shows how the writer will be told by the author iii. Note the honesty of the characters i. They always say things that most people would not say ii. They say stuff all the time, to anyone of every status, so they are character dependent iv. The writer has a narrative technique like a tree structure i. There is a tree trunk story, which have branch stories that come from the main story ii. Each branch makes a difference in the trunk because it comes back v. Some characters are only known in this saga while others are known in other stories i. We don’t know if some of the characters actually lived, so it is a historical novel ii. It is a story that is meant to be both historical and fictional, and draw from history its truths iii. This author has a point, and shapes story using real events and characters b. Mord and Hrut i. We are introduced to the types of individuals we will meet in the story i. Mord is a wealthy man, and a prestigious man, and a knower of the law i. They rell you something you need to know, because it plays a role sometime later ii. He is a renowned knower of the law, so the law matters iii. Older than the brothers, and has a daughter Unn ii. Hoskuld i. Has a daughter Hallgerd iii. Hrut i. Got knowledge of the law, not as much as Mord, but more than Hoskuld
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HUM 2 Lecture 11 - Lecture 11 May 4, 2010 I. Iceland a....

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