HUM 2 Lecture 13 - Lecture 13 I Njal Saga a Traveling abroad and the return i Thrane and Hrapp causes the Njalssons trouble with the Norwegian king

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Lecture 13 May 11, 2010 I. Njal Saga a. Traveling abroad, and the return i. Thrane and Hrapp causes the Njalssons trouble with the Norwegian king ii. The Njalssons demand for compensation for their troubles, and Hallgerd brings back old insults, egging on Thrane iii. The Njalssons attack Thrane, in which there is a feet on ice, in which a mans head was chopped off iv. Njal must settle for his sons, and takes Hoskuld, Thrane’s son, and takes him as a foster son to train him v. Njal has been able to use the procedures and the kin group, and now he cements the connection between to the two groups by taking on Hoskuld as his foster son b. Chapter 95, New characters i. The characters Flossy, Hildegun, and (somebody) all lived on the eastern part of Iceland, where most of the action has been in the South, and the West ii. Sagas were family sagas, and they were local, usually about districts, but in this story, the author has been systematically extending the boundaries of the story iii. It was more of a saga about the entire story c. Hoskuld is grown up i. He is now a 17 year old, ready to be married, and Njal is responsible for this, and he wants to reach out and find him a wife that will bring together the kinship groups ii. He goes to Flossy and suggests a marriage between Hildegun, whom is very beautiful and strong minded, and proud iii. Hildegun wants to marry someone of very high standing, which Hoskuld is not iv. Chieftains 1. In every court there are official judges, and those judges are chieftains, and are hereditary positions 2. When we see “godi”, it means they are a chieftain, and are a judgeship in one of the distract courts, and could be a judge at the Allthing 3. The position is called the “godord” v. Njal asks for 3 years, and tries to find a chieftainship for Hoskuld 1. He tries to buy one, but doesn’t find one 2. He is forced to create a new chieftainship, and therefore gives advice that leads to a stalemate so that no one can settle their lawsuits 3. There becomes a blood revenge, and comes to the Allthing, with many upset people, and Njal comes forward to create the fifth court, which would hear all the cases that could not be solved vi. The Allthing 1. There are local courts that come to the Allthing, so that the godi from each district court brings the cases of the defendant from their respective areas 2. The godi sit and judge this vii. In the new court, one of the judgeships go to Hoskuld, and Hoskuld marries Hildegun, and creates new kin along with new law viii.All the law cases dealt with existing law up until now, rather than making new law ix. Njal has patched up the society, and at the end, with Hoskuld and Hildegun married, there has been a weaving of the kin groups, and the law can now deal with problems where laws have been inadequate before x. Njal has finally taken center stage d. In 98 and 99, we meet Liting, who is a brother in law to the Sigfreudsons
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i. He is complaining that the settlement over the killing of Thrane and the others did not
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HUM 2 Lecture 13 - Lecture 13 I Njal Saga a Traveling abroad and the return i Thrane and Hrapp causes the Njalssons trouble with the Norwegian king

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