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Lecture 12 May 6, 2010 I. Note on the prompts a. About sin i. When looking at Augustine, he has to deal with evil ii. He eventually comes to the view that evil is the absence of good iii. There is an all good God who created the world, so how did he create evil? iv. Christianity reviews the act of creation moral, but the natural thing is to connect evil with sin v. Sin is considered a habit, and the kind of sins is sexual, and studying law, which cannot be an absence of good, but most sins are not sins of omission vi. Is sin evil? Is it an example of evil in the world II. Njal Saga a. These trips abroad i. Hrut returns home well known for accomplishing something, and returns much wealthier. ii. Gunnar does the same by returning with weapons, fame of accomplishments, and proving himself iii. Getting out of Iceland is important to being in Iceland, showing you can’t grow up at home iv. To be a full member of society, independent, and powerful, you can’t do it by living in your father and mother’s house, so you must get out v. When you get out, you go on the ocean, which is opposite of home, because home is order, very predictable vi. There is a physical reality, while there is a spiritual reality vii. How does Hrut will happen? He knows how society works, and he knows relationships, so it’s like playing chess viii.In this society, you can’t prove yourself, and you are under too many constraints ix. If you’re going to prove yourself, you must go on a boat, and enter into chaos, which is the world beyond Iceland x. It has good and evil in it, and in that environment, your full capacity can be realized xi. There is a lot of fighting against Vikings, and they win out in every case which was dangerous xii. They come back home better than they had left, so it’s a critical part of becoming a man, and all the major characters are considered doing this 1. Gunnar has returned in that condition, and he now wants to settle down, meaning he can now marry xiii.Your objective is to get wealth, usually through violence, with no right or wrong xiv.It is assumed there will be violence, and only in violence can a person become tested as a man, his skill, judgment, and physical capacity b. Gunnar returns home i. Before going away, he took Unn’s case against Hrut and won, so a marriage between these groups is not expected ii. Gunnar sees Hallgerd and his brain goes to mush, and all the rules fade into oblivion, because he sees a gorgeous girl iii. His desire and attraction overcomes the social structures within the society he is operating, even though he challenged Hallgerd’s uncle a few years before iv. Marriages are part of the social order, and are more important than trivial things like enmity v. Gunnar cannot be refused it even if you are angry with him
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vi. This marriage deal reveals how the rules work, and shows how useless they are, and irrelevant they are vii. Gunnar is told even by Hrut and Hoskuld, that she is a bad woman, yet passion overcomes brains
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HUM 2 Lecture 12 - Lecture 12 May 6 2010 I Note on the...

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