HUM 2 Lecture 7 - Who was Paul a A Jew who was converted i...

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I. Who was Paul a. A Jew who was converted i. He was originally named Saul, and was a Pharisee who were the most tied to using the law to the letter without a reason ii. Saul is the son of a Pharisee iii. Lot of antagonism between Jews and Christians 1. Christians were ostracized by the Jews 2. Paul was there to root out the Christians, and begins by being “threatening Christians”, seeing who believed in Jesus, persecuting them 3. Rome was spread out, and Jews were spread out from Jerusalem, and Paul is wandering around, living a missionary lifestyle trying to root out Christians b. From Tarsus, in modern day Turkey c. 48 and 52, he goes to Corinthians d. The center of the Christian movement was in Jerusalem, who followed Jesus i. They based their belief on eye witness accounts, telling people about it ii. It is a spread of tradition based on eye witness, but Paul does not see Jesus, but later presents himself as a Christian based on this certain point of view iii. Mark gives a historical account, based on things that are fact e. Paul never knew Jesus, and gets incorporated to Jerusalem Christianity in a different way II. Conversion of Saul (Act 9) a. Saul is on his way to root out Christians, the heavens open, and God asks him why are you persecuting me b. He is struck blind, and is brought to Damascus, and is healed by Anoneous and made into a chosen vessel i. God is able to choose specific individuals to be vessels of his religion ii. Paul is then healed and has a conversion experience c. It is sudden, violent with an aggressive quality, and has a physical manifestation to be metaphorical for his conversion being given insight III. This conversion becomes the model, being called the Apostle of the gentiles a. Jesus is the fulfillment of the old testament promises b. For the gentiles, people are worshipping household gods, but Paul goes around trying to convert these people i. Gentiles believed in Roman gods, with specific traditions, while Jews had an obligation to the ideal of God, and were a danger to the Romans ii. In the old Testament, Isaiah said someone was coming, but gentiles were not prepared for Jesus in the same way c. He becomes enlightened from the view that he was not originally one of the Jews d. Unlike Peter who must ground himself in that he is talking to the Jews who already have faith in God, but he must change the way they belief e. If you have personal conversion experience, you are a Christian, which he uses to convert others around the empire IV. Missionary Acts
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a. Early Christianity had many guys preaching their own beliefs of Jesus, with many different sects of Christianity b. Paul is one of those people going around preaching about Jesus, so he has 2 problems
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HUM 2 Lecture 7 - Who was Paul a A Jew who was converted i...

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