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Lecture 18 May 27, 2010 I. Study Guide a. Posted on Tuesday, so every question that is on the final is on the study guide b. Short essays that take half an hour each c. Long essay, and we will know the essay prompt from the study guide d. Show that you are thinking II. The Divine Comedy a. Canto XXXIII i. The devil is a comedy of God 1. He has three faces, with one head, and is the type of the divine, but opposite of that reality ii. Lucifer was the most perfect of the Angel 1. He asked why God was the boss, and he rebelled and attempted a coup of the universe, and in the battle, which took a second, Lucifer and his troops lost and were expelled from heaven 2. They were plunged down and he went headfirst to the center of universe, which was as far as you could get from God 3. God is defined as a circle who’s circumference is everywhere, so the furthest point from the circumference is the center 4. Although the Christian notion of the universe is spherical, we believed it had a true direction, up and down 5. We are the only animal to hold inconsistent views at the same time 6. When he goes down, he makes a hole, and displaces ground, and the hole becomes Hell, driving the debris out which creates the cavity iii. The Conical 1. The conical emptiness of Hell matches the conical form of Mt. Purgatory iv. Colors 1. Purity is white, while evil is black 2. The transitional color is red 3. This represents that Satan is in eternal metamorphosis, which is shown in the sinners of Hell who change form which represents their sin 4. They are constantly changing, and cannot go back, and the Devil represents this the most because he is white, red and black v. Devil is stuck in the physical 1. The universe has the spiritual and the physical, one of which is eternal, while the other is corruptible, and aging 2. Sin is caused by the body, caused by the appetites of the body 3. Sin comes from trying to control those habits which you cannot vi. There are 3 sinners 1. Cassius, Brutus, and Judas are in the mouths of the Devil
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2. Judas sold Jesus, and therefore he sold God, and it was his act of betrayal which created the moment of transition between the old testament and the new testament 3. There are followers of Jesus in his life, but there are no Christians when he was alive 4. Judas was the agent that made the divine plan was put into action, so without him it would have never happened 5. Dante takes the same view, but in a negative way, seeing that he is an instrument of God, but the instrument is evil 6. The other mouths have Cassius and Brutus, who struck the first blows against Julius Caesar, and became the archetypes of rebellion against secular authority 7. Rebellion against a ruler is a rebellion against God, and they are therefore punished,
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HUM 2 Lecture 18 - Lecture 18 May 27, 2010 Study Guide a....

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