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Example Conclusion Physics 1AL Summer Session II 2010 Introduction Each week, you will have to write a conclusion on ONE section from the previous week’s lab assigned by your TA. In your conclusion, you should summarize the physics concepts you studied in that section, describe how your results relate to the concepts, and do some error analysis. You should divide your conclusion into these three parts. Your conclusion does not need to be long (one page maximum). Hypothesis/Physics Concepts Each lab will explore one or more physics concepts. During lab, you will test whether the world works the way your professor said it does in lecture. This often takes the form of an assumption and an equation based on this assumption. In this section, you should explain the principle you are verifying, demonstrate that you understand what equation you are testing, and detail where that equation came from. Do not include a repetition of the lab procedures since your TA already knows the procedure. Results In this section, you will describe whether the equation you tested is consistent with your measurements. You will do this by comparing your predictions with your actual measurements. In essence you are explaining how what you performed in lab explains/verifies the hypothesis/physics concepts. If you have numerical results, be sure to show your TA what your results were by including both the predicted and measured numbers. Do not merely say that your measurements did or did not agree with your predictions without supporting your statements. For some labs a graph will represent your data better than a table will. You only need to include your results, not your raw data. Do not hand in your in- lab notes. Always include the correct units. Not all labs will have numerical results. Error Analysis/Improvement
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lab 1 example conclusion - Example Conclusion Physics 1AL...

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