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Self (sociology) Jump to: navigation , search In sociology , the self refers to an individual person from the perspective of that person. It is the individuals conception of himself or herself, and the underlying capacity of the person's mind or intellect which formed that conception (one's "true self"). What an individual thinks of him or herself is at least temporarily directly influenced by interactions with others: the instruction and example behaviors they provide, and the way they treat him or her.[ citation needed ] The systems of punishments and rewards one is subjected to, the opportunities provided for imitation, and the truths and myths a person is exposed to form the processess of socialization and acculturation through which the concepts, relationships, values, and norms of behaviour accepted within society are internalized by the individual, becoming integrated elements of his or her self.[ citation needed ] [ edit ] Forms of socialization Sociologists may distinguish six kinds of socialization: Reverse socialization Developmental socialization Primary socialization Secondary socialization Anticipatory socialization Ρεσοχιαλιζατιον Primary socialization Primary socialization is the process whereby people learn the attitudes, values, and actions appropriate to individuals as members of a particular culture. For example if a child saw their mother expressing a discriminatory opinion about a minority group, then that child may think this behaviour is acceptable and could continue to have this opinion about minority groups. Secondary socialization Secondary socialization refers to process of learning what is appropriate behavior as a member of a smaller group within the larger society. It is usually associated with teenagers and adults, and involves smaller changes than those occurring in primary socialization. eg. entering a new profession, relocating to a new environment or society. Developmental socialization Developmental socialization is the process of learning
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behavior in a social institution or developing your social skills. Anticipatory socialization Anticipatory socialization refers to the processes of socialization in which a person "rehearses" for future positions, occupations, and social relationships. Resocialization
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Societal views - Self(sociology Jump to navigation search...

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