Examples of prejudice in fictionin the book to kill a

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Unformatted text preview: g (2005) or Annual Review of Psychology. Examples of prejudice in fictionIn the book To Kill a Mockingbird , one of multiple themes concerns a man wrongly tried and convicted because of his race. The 1997 science-fiction movie Gattaca is about a future where genetically-enhanced people are the majority, while a non-genetically enhanced minority are socially and economically discriminated and marginalized for their "imperfections". Sociology Sociologists termed prejudice an adaptive behaviour. Biased views might be thought needed at times for survival. There is not always enough time to form a legitimate view about a potential foe before adopting a defensive stance that could save our lives. Prejudice is non-adaptive when it interferes with survival or well-being. Common misconceptionsAt times the terms prejudice and stereotype are confusing: Prejudices are abstract-general preconceptions or abstract-general attitudes towards any type of situation object or person. Stereotypes are generalizations of existing characteristics. These reduce complexity....
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