Since observation is already enough for learning the

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Unformatted text preview: gaging in that behavior. Since observation is already enough for learning the behavior, the individual does not need to participate in the behavior. According this theory, people can acquire prejudiced thinking by merely observing others discriminative behavior. For example, children may acquire a gender stereotype by observing their parents treating male and female differently. This effect would be amplified especially when the model is rewarded for the behavior.People can also learn to prejudice through association learning including classical and operant conditioning. In classical conditioning, instruct with flawed reasoning by presenting an attribute (e.g. greedy) with a specific group (e.g. merchants) repeatedly, people would link up the attribute to the group, resulting in prejudice. Operant conditioning refers to alteration of behavior by regulating the consequences following it. Reinforcement in is a kind of consequence or a procedure that specifically leads to an increase in frequency of the behavior immediately preceding it. When people gain acceptance from the individuals reference group (Kelley, 1952) by discriminating towards another groups or individual, they would then be motivated to continue this discrimination due to the rei...
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