problem of universals notes

problem of universals notes - according to Aquinas; they...

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Plato-only the permanent can change Change- the relationship between being and becoming In a world of substance and accident, change can be described as… o there must be something that is a carrier of change o there is movement from a privation of a form to the possession of a form absence to possessing (20 years ago, I was 40 lbs lighter than today) o it occurs within a category most common type of change is ACCIDENTAL CHANGE Change is intelligible, it is orderly o you have an idea of what’s going on Substantial change o Primary matter or pure potentiality o the nature of the thing goes out of existence chaos + logos = cosmos o being is intelligible, capable of being known (has a nature) If you take all the categories of substance to accidents, they all have a common thing
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Unformatted text preview: according to Aquinas; they are all beings o The ultimate reality for someone like Aquinas is GOD o All of us have a desire to be real, good and the only way to be that is to use GOD If you have a more naturalistic view, then youre like Aristotle o Aristotles God is a principle of motion o Not a religious type God ULIMATELY THE QUESTION IS DO THINGS HAVE A NATURE? HOW DO WE KNOW THAT? (Problem of universals) o How do we understand a meaning of a term? Ex: how is the name Fido, Rover and Bailey related to the term dog but Garfield is not Extreme realism (platonic idealism) Moderate realism (Aristotle/Aquinas) Conceptualism (Locke, Kant) Nominalism (Hume, Quine)...
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problem of universals notes - according to Aquinas; they...

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