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1) Define: - Mitosis - Cytokinesis 2) Answer the following: A) if an organism has a diploid number of 20, how many chromosomes are in each nucleus at prophase? At telophase? B) How many chromosomes would be in a haploid nucleus of an organism in which the normal diploid number is 20? 3) Imagine a coffee cup such as illustrated that you are going to use to make thin sections by making two parallel slices very close to each other. A) In box a, draw what a cross section through the cup would look like, removed halfway up the side of the cup, as if it were etween
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Unformatted text preview: a microscope slide and coverslip. B) In box b, draw what a longitudinal section of the cup would look like removed perpendicular to the table surface. Would all longitudinal sections contain the handle? 4) On the back of this page, diagram what a cell with two chromosomes would look like in metaphase. In anaphase. 5) How does cytokinesis in plant cells differ from that of animal cells? A. Cross Section B. Longitudinal Section...
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