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WPC Paper #1-2 - scholastics and the Protestant Reformers...

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MICHAEL J. BAXTER FALL 2010 THEOLOGY 20642 PAPER # 1 IN CHRISTIAN TRADITION Paper # 1: On the Development of Christian Thinking on War and Peace Christian thought on war and peace underwent considerable development in the first sixteen centuries of the Church. In this paper, explain how it developed, from the time of Christ and the apostolic age, through the first three centuries of the Church, the era of Constantine and Augustine, the Middle Ages and Aquinas, the age of the Catholic
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Unformatted text preview: scholastics and the Protestant Reformers, and the humanists of the early modern period. In doing so, be sure to back up your statements with citations from the relevant texts (in proper scholarly form, preferably footnotes) and so that your essay includes descriptions of general trends and also references to specific thinkers and texts. This paper should be about five pages long, typed and double-spaced. It is worth thirty points....
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