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Online Identity - Quinton Candelaria Dr Skeen English 102 11 April 2010 Jessica Hunters Parents Ethical Heroes

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Quinton Candelaria Dr. Skeen English 102 11 April 2010 Jessica Hunter’s Parents: Ethical Heroes Since 2004 people of all ages have been able to contact, talk, and share anything with anyone over the internet. With Social networking websites like Myspace and Facebook, people from around the world have been able to create profiles of themselves to reveal to people who they are without ever having to talk to them face to face. Although these specific websites were originally designed by college student and intended for a somewhat older audience, recently the large majority of users have been young teenagers. These websites have turned into a digital representation of what adolescence is defined as which has caused teens to try out different identities online where they would not be able to in real life. The internet has allowed teens to display their new personas in a dramatic way which causes them to fall into a different, newer, and more likable reality. Like Jessica Hunter, who was a typical fourteen year old girl who could not fit in anywhere at her high school. She tried to fit in and yet never succeeded and was instead made fun of, beaten, and ridiculed. However, at home on her computer she created a myspace profile, but since she was tired of being Jessica, she took a different approach when creating her profile. She decided to recreate herself under a new name: Autumn Edows. Her website listed all of the things Jessica liked only listed under a different name. Jessica could now do things she would otherwise not have the courage to do without her new name, like becoming a “Goth model” and taking countless pictures and posting them on her myspace account. Over
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time more and more people began to come across Autumn Edows and Jessica’s character became very popular. She became so popular that her website eventually reached the eyes of some student’s parents and eventually her high school principal. This would not be a problem except that while creating her Goth model persona, most of the pictures that she took and posted were extremely racy and inappropriate for a fourteen year old girl. Many pictures consisted of her with minimal clothing or in lingerie or underwear. Jessica’s parents were just as surprised as anyone else when the principal contacted them. Much like the principal, they did not take the situation lightly and forced Jessica to erase every picture and file from her computer. Jessica
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Online Identity - Quinton Candelaria Dr Skeen English 102 11 April 2010 Jessica Hunters Parents Ethical Heroes

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