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WalMart Paper - Candelaria 1 Quinton Candelaria English 102...

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Candelaria 1 Quinton Candelaria English 102 Dr. Skeen 29 March 2010 Americans Needs Wal-Mart Recently there have been many arguments from essays, websites, and movies that have claimed that Wal-Mart is a terrible corporation in many more ways than one. However, despite all of the anger and protests, Wal-Mart is a great American company. Wal-Mart contains many beneficiaries, mostly the lower class of America, that are very dependent on the promises of low prices and the thousands of jobs it offers. Many Americans who live below the poverty line can now afford their necessities to live comfortably in the lower class of America. On top of that, many impoverished and uneducated people have an opportunity to work where they otherwise would not be able to. And last but not least, Wal-Mart offers a welcoming, comfortable place to shop for the less-fortunate and disheveled people of America. The truth is that America needs Wal-Mart because certain American citizens could not survive without it. One reason that America needs Wal-Mart is because of the low prices that it offers. Approximately 15% of Americans fall into the lower class of our society. This means that they live below the poverty line and struggle day by day to make ends meet. Mothers who can barely afford diapers for their babies can now buy everything they need for their children and family. These people do not know the average standard of living that most Americans are fortunate enough to have. However, with Wal-Mart and its low prices these people can increase their standard of living. This does not mean they can buy more gadgets and items that may be considered luxuries, but simply save money on the things they truly need. Now that they can
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Candelaria 2 save money they can do more with less which could mean more time for families to do the things they could not do before, now that they can stretch out their dollar. Declining prices are the leading edge of an increasing standard of living which is wonderful news to at least 15% of America. Wal-Mart offers struggling Americans an opportunity to simply improve their lives being able to afford the cost of living. With Wal-Marts opening across country on a monthly basis, thousands of people are given opportunities to work with the high amount of jobs that Wal-Mart offers. With over 3,700 Wal-Mart supercenters and discount stores, Wal-Mart currently employs over 1.8 million Americans. On top of that, most of these Americans fall into the lower class and are given a rare opportunity to work for above minimum wage. However, many people are angry and disgusted by the way Wal-Mart mistreats its employees. Although these jobs are not the most glamorous jobs, the workers have the choice of where they want to work, and surprisingly many of them choose Wal-Mart. It would seem as though these jobs would be hard to fill, however, the average application rate for a Wal-Mart job is 300:1. Statistically this means it is as hard to get a job at Wal-Mart as it is to get into Yale University. With over 1.8 million employees and
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WalMart Paper - Candelaria 1 Quinton Candelaria English 102...

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