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Physics Lab 3 - Lab 3: Vectors and Statics Quinton...

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Lab 3: Vectors and Statics Quinton Candelaria TA: Yian Song Thursday 4:30 Abstract This report presents another error propagation practice by measuring the force of three pulleys and the error of the angle and direction. In this lab Newton’s first law was used to show that in equilibrium (when the ruler is stationary and balanced), the sum of all the torques equals zero, from Newton’s law applied to torques. To have a net torque of zero the sum of the clockwise torques must equal the sum of the counterclockwise torques. We began the lab by hanging three different weights from pulleys, two with set weights and angles and the third we needed to find the necessary weight and angle to balance the other two out ( where the sum of the three vectors equal zero). We then found the error in the magnitude and angle as well as the direction and error propagation in the x and y components of the third vector. The results for the third vector and its error in magnitude and direction were 165 +- 2 g and 272 +- 1 degrees. The results for the magnitude of the third vector for its x component was 5.76 +- 2.88 g and the y
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Physics Lab 3 - Lab 3: Vectors and Statics Quinton...

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