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Physics lab 1

Physics lab 1 - (1(5 points Abstract a brief summary of the...

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(1) ( 5 points ) Abstract: a brief summary of the experiment and the results obtained. (2) ( 20 points ) Introduction: stating the motivation for doing the work and spelling out the goal of the work to be performed, and then describing in some detail the theoretical background behind the experiment. (3) ( 20 points ) Experimental setup and procedure : clearly stating why they are adequate for the proposed goal of the experiment, sufficient for another student to understand what you have done. Explain hardware method of signal detection and error reduction (experiment design.) List data collection runs or procedures. (4) ( 35 points, 15 points designated to error analysis ) Results and Analysis: displaying the processed data that are essential to the goal of the experiment, stating briefly how the original data are processed or analyzed before being displayed, and importantly, making comparison of the processed data with the theoretical expectation as partly outlined in the introduction section. Be sure to include error analysis of the data, and show error bars on graphs. (don t display the unprocessed raw data ʹ ‐‐ those should be in your lab notebook! All graphs need axes, tick marks, units, and descriptive captions.) (5) ( 15 points ) Discussion : From the results obtained, have you achieved the goal set in introduction section? Explain. Do the results support the understanding of the subject within experimental uncertainties? Again, explain. Suggest possible improved experiments which could result in greater precision. (6) ( 5 points ) Conclusion .
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Verbal expression of experimental results is an integral part of this course. To meet this goal each student will be required to write a report for each experiment completed. The lab report will have the following format: (a) A cover page containing the title of the experiment, the student’s name, a list of lab partners, lab section information and TA name, and an abstract should be stapled to the front of the report. An abstract is the place where you briefly summarize the experiment and experimental results. This means you must cite your main result here along with any associated error and units. This section will
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Physics lab 1 - (1(5 points Abstract a brief summary of the...

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