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Sociology 360 - Multimedia Project General Guidelines

Sociology 360 - Multimedia Project General Guidelines -...

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Multimedia Project Guidelines Your project should involve an in-depth exploration of a concept or topic from our class that you choose to examine in more depth. Select one of the term paper options listed in the syllabus and posted on Blackboard. Use this assignment as a conceptual guide for your project; however, you are free to organize your film however you would like. It also makes more sense to discuss your methods for selecting content in your written summary rather than in your film Feel free to use news clips, text, images, narration, or interviews in
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Unformatted text preview: your project to illustrate the concepts your project will explore. Your work will be evaluated on the following: • How well you relate the topic to themes from class • Depth and level of critical analysis of concepts explored • Application of class concepts • Quality of examples used • Creativity in applying course concepts • Inclusion of a 2-3 page summary detailing your rationale and intentions for your project Turn in a DVD of your project on the last day of class; let me know if you would like to screen it for the class to watch....
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