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1P03 Notes Lecture Notes: Design Project: Vignette: brief verbal description of person/place; descriptive or evocative episode in a play o Types of engineering: Mechanical Electrical/Computer Software Eng Physics Civil Chemical Materials Science Biomedical and Bioengineer Who does design o Scientists, policy makers, business people Types of Design o Writing, Computer programming, sketching/drawing Common elements -> Value creation o Human needs, Arrangement of concepts/ideas Textbook: o Engineering design: systematic, intelligent process which designers generate, evaluate, and specify design for devices, systems, processes whose form/function achieve clients’ objectives/users’ needs to satisfy constraints o Differences: More time spent on generating ideas, opportunity to explore possibilities/ideas Not strictly technical Not driven by client Project Goals o Enjoy it o Be creative o Come up with good ideas o Learn bit about design process o Improve teamwork skills o Learn to communicate better o Design thinking Expectations o Actively participate in tutorials o Maintain portfolio of work, updated regularly o Come prepared to tutorials o Professionals and courteous to both TAs and peers Design Process o Generate/Select a Design Project o Research existing ideas/technologies o Gather information about users o Generate concepts/ideas o Visualize/prototype o Iterate o Communicate Portfolios o Collection of work documenting design process
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o One per project team o Promote sharing of ideas Grading, Incentives/Competition o Grades: Participation: 50%, Final Report: 25%, Final presentation: 25% Deliverables o Prototype, Report, Presentations o Prototype: Not necessarily complete, comprehensive/functional Can be virtual Materials Brainstorming Good Design Project Ideas Venture: Mechanical Engineering Vignette o Fuel Cell Technology Hydrogen fuel channeled through field flow plates to anode on one side of fuel cell, oxidant channeled to cathode on other side of cell Anode, platinum catalyst causes the hydrogen to split into positive hydrogen ions/negatively charged electrons Polymer electrolyte membrane allows only positively charged ions to pass through it to cathode; negatively charged electrons travel along external circuit to cathode, creating electrical current At cathode, electrons and positively charged hydrogen ions combine with oxygen to form water, which flows out of cell o Challenges Costs: engineers find another benefit that might offset cost of fuel cells to user Water/Air Management Temperature management Durability Safety Hydrogen economy/energy requirements o Applications Base load power plants Electric/Hydrid vehicles Auxiliary power Off-grid power supply Portable charging docks for small electics Smartphones with high power of consumption due to large displays/additional features
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1P03 term 2 notes - 1P03 Notes Lecture Notes Design Project...

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