lecture 5 - October 8 2008 Lecture day 5 Interesting...

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October 8 2008 Lecture day 5 Interesting engineering SRMS Shuttle remote manipulator system ( Canada Arm) Jan 2008, MDA announced the sale of the information systems and geospatial services operations to Alliant Techsystems of Edina Minnesota One man (American born) quit when the American company wanted to buy out the Canadian company. He knew what was going on was wrong. He protested. Dozens of engineers went to the Canadian parliament to argue Deal was never completed Canadian government did not allow it. What are the ethical issues? 1. Legal- Are Canadian treaty obligations being met 2. War – Are we aiding the production of land mines or other weapons that indiscriminately target civilians 3. Political – Is this sale in the best interests of Canadians Which if any are a concern to Prof. Eng. Definitions Code of Ethics – A set of principles or rules that guide human behaviour Minimalist Ethics – Minimum needed to be ethical Maximalist Ethics- requires one to go beyond minimal requirements and provide the most ethical solution Professional ethics- Such as PEO Code of Ethics ( Short easy to follow) Personal Ethics – Individual morays, values, goals etc. PEO CODE OF ETHICS Section 77 of the professional Engineers Act, Ontario
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Codifies the responsibilities of the engineer to the public, clients, employers, the engineering profession, and other professions Paragraph 1 1. It is the duty of a practitioner to the public, to the practitioner's employer, to the practitioner's clients, to other members of the practitioner's profession, and to the practitioner to act at all times with, o i. fairness and loyalty to the practitioner's associates, employers, clients,
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lecture 5 - October 8 2008 Lecture day 5 Interesting...

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