lecture 6 - There is no accepted definition of sustainable...

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Engineering for Sustainability Side Effects Biologist: greatest extinction rate in 63 million years Global 50 % drop in freshwater available per person 13 out or 17 fisheries are gone Basic needs 1.3 billion People live in absolute poverty with income less than a dollar a day Sustainability is the about the future making sure that humanity does not follow a path into crisis. Sustainability is good to be sought not only for us but for our children and beyond. Sustainability is also about the environment. None of our activities would be sustainable if it led to Environment demise. Includes acting within the limits imposed on us by the environment. “Sustainability is the ultimate relation between action and consequence” Factor 10 Population is expected to double before it levels off (factor 3) If everybody in the world moved to western world living the rate of resource consumption Factor 5 Factor 2 X Factor 5 = Factor 10 Moving towards sustainable solutions Pollution control Process integration Whole facility planning Something ecology
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Unformatted text preview: There is no accepted definition of sustainable eng But the concepts may be • Eng with context • Eng with conscience • Eng for a finite planet and indefinite future “In our every deliberation we must consider the impact of our decisions on the next seven generations Traditional vs. Sustainable Engineering Traditional eng Consider the object Focus on technical issues Solve immediate problem Consider local context (user) Assumes others will deal with politics, ethics & societal issues Sustainable eng Considers system within object Integrates to solve the problem for indefinite future Considers global context *planet* Acknowledges the engineer’s need to interact with experts in other disciplines related to the problem TOOLS Eco industrial parks • Gather industries into one area Pollution prevention Design for disassembly • Every part is labelled and is possible to recycle properly Triple bottom Line • TBL or 3BL • People Planet Profit • Design must expand to include social environment...
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lecture 6 - There is no accepted definition of sustainable...

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