Lecture 9 - • Correlates strongly with severity of...

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Safe is not a four letter word Project based 1. Need driven – big and current ideas 2. Technology driven Introduction to Health and Society “Regard the practitioner’s duty to the public welfare a  paramount?” Where does safety get mentioned into the PEO code of  ethics? “Engineers may be responsible for managing situations  containing dangers for those present or those who will  occur or use the result of the work” Failure to correct potentially dangerous situations of  failure to follow codes and standards in professional  misconduct Safety in Design Safety measured by stopping distance
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Unformatted text preview: • Correlates strongly with severity of accident and injury The Context • The Japanese vs. The Americans • No American car with less than six cylinders “Safety” – The condition of being safe from undergoing or causing harm, injury or loss Risk – The possibility of loss of injury Acceptable Risk – A level of role at which the benefits are judged to be outweigh potential loss of injury. No such thing as absolute safe Maximalist Approach to safety • Safety responsibilities • Guidelines and principle for recognizing and controlling hazards...
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Lecture 9 - • Correlates strongly with severity of...

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