English A4 - Dan Willis 7/26/07 A4 Humans- The Ultimate...

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Dan Willis 7/26/07 A4 Humans- The Ultimate Shape Shifter. Our world has become a world of mass marketing. More and more people are becoming more technological. The advertisement companies have noticed this trend and use it to their advantage. Last year the average American watched four and a half hours of television a day. With almost 15 commercials for each half our, the average American is being slammed with almost a hundred commercials a day. The problem is every commercial is geared toward a certain audience and tries to capture their attention. To do this they create what the audience wants to see. They try to relate with the audience by showing them stereotypical roles of what they should be. These are called their gender roles. They can be as simple as the clothes they are wearing to a more subtle role as what someone is doing in the background. Each detail in these commercials is chosen for a reason. As someone watches these commercials they need to take a step back and look at what the commercial is actually advertising. They need to realize if they want the product, or like the commercial. These stereotypes, if they even exist, would have a negative impact on society. As more and more people are watching these ads, they are becoming more influential. The more people listen to them they will start believing them. It would be an awful place having people walking around as if they were in ads. But in this materialistic world it seems to be going that way. More often than not, girls are walking around with less and less clothes. Men are pushing themselves to unhealthy standards to get that body all the girls would die for. What needs to be investigated is
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if this trend in today’s society has been influenced by the media, more specifically the way gender roles are reproduced in commercials in television.
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English A4 - Dan Willis 7/26/07 A4 Humans- The Ultimate...

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