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gas - Jean Chang Prelab assignment 1 Make a list of...

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Jean Chang Prelab assignment 1. Make a list of properties of gases. Which do you think might be used to identify an unknown gas? We are completely surrounded by atmospheric gases, yet totally oblivious to the presence of the particles. To understand how particles behave, it is important to study in micro scale which we can observe and measure. Gas particles do not have any shape and assume the shape of the container. Their KE(kinetic energy of the gas particle) is dependent upon the temperature. By law of thermodynamics, gases can be characterized by volume, temperature, and pressure. In this experiment, we can obtain the gas in its liquid state, where hot and ice water will be prepared. The liquid can be added to a flask and a serum cap with capillary tube can be attached. We can then vaporize the liquid by adding it to hot water bath. Temperature can be taken, and the flask can incubate in cold bath. The gas will condense back to liquid, where we weigh the flask. Gas pressure will be at barometric temperature in the prep room, and PV=nRT
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