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TERM PAPER ASSIGNMENT ASSIGNMENT #3 : (25 PTS) To write a first draft of your term paper that critically evaluates four scientific articles, develops a critical assessment of the findings, clearly states and supports a position on your controversy for EACH article and integrates all four articles to clearly show and justify which side of your controversy has the stronger scientific evidence. 1-Printed copy is due IN CLASS on Friday, October 29 th . 1. WRITE your paper: Your paper should be an argument in favor of one side of the controversy that you have investigated. Before you write your paper, analyze all four of your references as described above in assignment #2; explain which side of the controversy each reference best supports. On October 29 th , submit 2 copies of a 7 - 10 page typewritten, double-spaced paper (with 1 inch margins and using 12-FONT size) that convincingly argues in favor of one side of the controversy. Ten points per day will be deducted from the grade of any paper submitted after October 29 th . A late paper must include a note attached to the cover page explaining why it is late . No papers will be accepted after Monday, November 1 st WE URGE YOU TO CONFER FREQUENTLY WITH THE TAs AS YOU DEVELOP YOUR PAPER. 2 SUGGESTED FORMAT: REMEMBER , this term paper is not just a report about 4 scientific studies. Furthermore, your paper should not be just an analysis of the evidence presented in the 4 studies. The original studies and your analysis of them are the ingredients that you will use to write a persuasive argument that demonstrates why one side of the controversy is better supported by the scientific evidence than the other side. Following is a guideline to help you organize your paper and present your material effectively.
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A. INTRODUCTION OR PRESENTATION OF THE CONTROVERSY: Include a statement of your topic that clearly differentiates between (at least) 2 points of view and that explains why this controversy is important in terms of NUTRITION/HEALTH. State which side of the controversy is best supported by the studies you read. Your argument will suffer (and you will lose points) if this statement is not clear, concise and apparent within the first two paragraphs of your
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