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NS 1150 assignment directions-student (2)a - NS 1150 Term...

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Nutrition Topics ASSIGNMENT #1 : (10PTS) To learn how to select a controversial topic, describe the two sides of your controversial topic, find and select four (4) appropriate references references (with at least one within the last 2 yr) that will be used to defend your argument and to submit responses in a Word document to your assigned TA. An online auto-tutorial on how to choose a controversial topic and find appropriate references has been developed by the Cornell University library resource educational staff at Mann Library. A link to the tutorial and to the answer sheet can be found on the NS 1150 Blackboard site located on the menu bar on the far left. Click on Assignments, and then click on “Researching a Controversial Nutrition Topic” for the tutorial and Assignment 1: Research Tutorial for the answer sheet. A handout will be distributed in class on Friday, Sept. 3 rd with student TA assignments. DUE VIA EMAIL TO YOUR ASSIGNED TA ON SEPTEMBER 15 BY MIDNIGHT . In your response to the questions within the tutorial you should have clearly described the following required elements: 1. The topic you SELECT for your controversial topic. This should be within the scope of this course and its relevance to nutrition, health and/or society should be clearly stated. Examples of possible topics: Does caffeine consumption by pregnant women result in birth defects? Does artificial sweetener consumption result in appetite suppression? Does Vitamin K supplementation reduce osteopenic bone fractures? Does creatine supplementation enhance weight lifting performance? Does a vegetarian diet reduce the risk of colon cancer?
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NS 1150 assignment directions-student (2)a - NS 1150 Term...

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