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What Is Expected Attendance at your section is mandatory. If you cannot attend the section for which you are enrolled, please see your TA in advance. Participation in all discussions of cases or assignments to which you are assigned is essential to successful completion of the course. Discussions will generally center on an assigned case study and will be led mainly by selected students given responsibility when the case is assigned. However, all students will be expected to be prepared to discuss all cases and will be evaluated on class participation.
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Unformatted text preview: Written responses (5 four-page reports with the lowest score of the 5 being dropped) are to be submitted for assigned cases. Case reports will be due at 7:30pm at the beginning of Wednesday’s lecture in hard copy the week the case is to be discussed in sections. The format and length of the written case study analyses will be elaborated on in class. If circumstances arise that prevent you from turning in your case report, please see the TA in charge of your section in advance. Course website: www.blackboard.cornell.edu...
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