Guideline to case reports 2010

Guideline to case reports 2010 - AEM 4420 Prof. Ralph...

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1 AEM 4420 Emerging Markets Prof. Ralph Christy Fall 2010 A Guide to Case Study Analysis Many business schools and other educational institutions have adopted the case study approach in their courses. Case studies are learning tools that expose students to real-life situations and encourage learning through experience. The reason for using case studies in this course is two-fold: it provides students with opportunities for ‘real - world’ analysis of situations faced by businesses in emerging markets, and it creates a dynamic platform for class analysis and discussion. Length and Deadlines for Case Submission Length: Cases are expected to be four (4) pages, double spaced. Please stay within this limit. The limit is part of the training and skills one can expect to gain from this class. As consultants in the real world, you maybe to expected to prepare concise reports to aid high level managerial or strategic decisions for firms. Deadlines: Cases are to be submitted in hard copy by 7:30pm in Wednesday’s class the week they are to be discussed. It will be unfair to others if we accept cases after this period, since the case is discussed in class on the day of submission. Case reports are due Sept. 8, Sept. 29, Oct. 13, Oct. 20, and Nov. 10. Your four highest grades will be counted toward your final grade for the course. Grading of the Case Reports Case reports should consist of four major sections (described below) and will be graded on a ten point basis. The four sections of the report will each be worth two points, and presentation and consistency of the report will be worth an additional two points. To earn the maximum number of points, your report
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Guideline to case reports 2010 - AEM 4420 Prof. Ralph...

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