bus 235 wk 3 - Old Navy 1 Old Navy Sheri Brown BUS 235...

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Old Navy 1 Old Navy Sheri Brown BUS 235 Instructor Hanes June 14, 2010
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Old Navy 2 Old Navy Old Navy is a clothing store geared towards people between newborn and mid- twenties. Their clothing would fit into the “Preppy” style with striped shirts, cargo shorts, polo shirts, khakis, and other typical basic styles. This store is located in a strip mall and shares the location with Marshalls, Mattress Depot, Motherhood, Subway, Rack Room Shoes, and Bed, Bath and Beyond. This strip mall is located beside a Tanger Outlet Center. They have separate, but connected parking areas and share the same main entrance/exit to the main street. The main sign at this entrance is “Tanger Outlet Center”. The strip mall’s road sign is about 100 feet down the way and not near any entrance. I believe it is important to recognize the importance of traffic flow and the continued success of this shop I find it interesting that these shoppers who use the Outlet center entrance can get deterred from the outlet and bargain shopping mindset, and shop at Old Navy, a regularly priced chain retail store that is primarily easily found throughout the nation. The typical shopper is the teenager, to mid twenty year old women. They are either in groups with other women, with their children, or with their male partner. The majorities of patronages are healthy looking, hygienically clean, and relaxed. I
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bus 235 wk 3 - Old Navy 1 Old Navy Sheri Brown BUS 235...

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