BUS 201 wk 1 - Decisions-1 Sheri Brown BUS 201 Decisions...

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Decisions - 1 - Sheri Brown BUS 201 Decisions, Desisions Gary Gonzales April 27, 2010
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Decisions - 2 - I am a terrible decision maker. This is my largest personal struggle. I often make hasty decisions. My latest life altering decision was whether or not to buy a motorcycle. I am a single mother, so there are many things to think about and balance out while deciding. I thought about the dangers of riding vs the dangers of doing any other activity. Alternatives : My alternatives would be to get a three wheeled cycle, which offers more stability and still the openness of riding a motorcycle. My other alternative would be to get a scooter that is only allowed on back roads with speed limits lower than 35 MPH. The draw back to this is that limits my usage and may not even be worth my purchase of a scooter. My last alternative would be to not get anything else other than my car to drive. I did take this last option over the rest years ago. I regret not riding, and have never been able to let go of the desire to be a “biker”. This latest time that the motorcycle thoughts started to invade my thoughts I simple ruled out the last option. I already pushed off the thoughts and realized this is a true desire, not just a passing dream. Information on my alternatives:
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BUS 201 wk 1 - Decisions-1 Sheri Brown BUS 201 Decisions...

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