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Greedy Little Rascals - Backdating 1 Greedy Little Rascals...

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Backdating 1 Greedy Little Rascals Sheri Brown ACC 201 Instructor Errico September 3, 2010
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Backdating 2 Greedy Little Rascals Finding ways to provide performance initiative has always been a prosperous option for both the employee and business. When people know they will get a bonus for a job well done, they will strive to achieve that level of requirement. We first learn about financial initiative when we learn about chores, and our weekly allowance. We learn the more chores we take on, the higher the allowance is. This is basically the same precedence of “executive compensation with stock options”. Only, this is retroactive. It’s like saying if you do a really great job, and our stock rises, you can retain the right to buy stock at the price it is now. This gives the executive reason to work hard, to raise stock’s worth. It does this buy promising an immediate financial bonus, or gain. For instance, say Bob the executive is beginning a new position that allows him direct influence to make decisions that affect stock levels of that company. The president can
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