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bus discussion week 4 - Using the job characteristics model...

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Using the job characteristics model as a guide, discuss how your manager (or a former manager) can enrich or enlarge your job to make it more motivating. If you are already motivated by your job, explain what your manager does to help enrich your position. Respond to at least two of your classmates' postings. Please bear with my post, I found being specific helped me explain my unique job position. My job requires much skill variety . I must recognize structural maintenance issues, internal organization and cleanliness; address any service issues as far as scheduled maintenance contracts, and be the confident, friendly supervisor that has most contact with all those who serve us. This requires a high self awareness of my own Emotional Intelligence and management skills, as well as identifying multiple others as well to obtain the most beneficial results. My task identity is well defined. I find things that need fixing and either I fix it or hire someone capable to fix it. If I can not do either, I am not fulfilling my duties.
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