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sci wk 5 assn 1 - Environmental Awareness-1 Environmental...

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Environmental Awareness - 1 - Environmental Awareness Sheri Brown SCI 207 Dr. Jeff Kingsbury February 3, 2010
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Environmental Awareness - 2 - Identify the top five polluters and the top five chemicals released in your county. I live in Beaufort county in South Carolina. The following charts have been collected from Scorecard.org. U.S. MARINE CORPS RECRUIT DEPOT PARRIS ISLAND PARRIS ISLAND 83,360 2 U.S. MARINE CORPS RECRUIT DEPOT TRAINING RANGES PARRIS ISLAND 72,584 3 NUFARM SPECIALTY PRODS. INC. LOBECO 22,281 4 ATHENA CORP. BEAUFORT 7,011 Rank Chemical Name Pounds 1 NITRATE COMPOUNDS 83,360 2 LEAD COMPOUNDS 47,530 3 COPPER 25,054 4 METHANOL 13,447 5 STYRENE 7,011 1. Determine the number of Superfund sites in your area. Wachem Inc, Kalama Specialty Chemicals, and Parris Island Marine Corp Recruiting station are the three listed superfunds in Beaufort County. This was last recorded in 1984. 2. Based on the information you find on these sites, list five ways that you can take action in your community. I always knew that our waterways have been influenced enough through chemicals that
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