church - Corporate Worship-1 Sheri Brown BUS 201 Church...

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Corporate Worship - 1 - Sheri Brown BUS 201 Church Gary Gonzales May 10, 2010
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Corporate Worship - 2 - Church There are many companies and organizations to pick from. I chose to speak of the Church. Church is known as “Corporate worship”. As corporations must have leadership and management, so does a church. I believe the church that I attend follows a hybrid structure. The Senior Pastor is the head leader of the assembly. He is followed by a group of other pastors who are assigned a particular section of the church. We have Pastor Bob who is our membership pastor. He looks over those who want to become members of the church. There is Pastor Vinnie, who leads children’s ministries. There is Pastor Aaron who leads middle school ministries. Under these Pastors there are directors in each ministry at a number of locations, or “satellite churches”. I believe this is set up well. It gives each member the opportunity to reach the person who can best assist them with particular situations. There are more “sub” pastors than I listed here and range from many different aspects of ministries. I believe the motivation of these employees at the church is extremely
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church - Corporate Worship-1 Sheri Brown BUS 201 Church...

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