Class Notes Exam 2 - Isotropic o Liquids, isometric...

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Optical Crystallography 15:11 Snell’s Law Sin (theta)r = (Ni/Nr) sin (theta)i n= refractive index slow-> refractive index is high fast -> low o fastest can go is 1 relief Becke Lines When hits lens gets bent towards normal and when comes out of lens goes back  to unnormal Path should be straight outside on lens, only bent towards normal in lens Short wavelengths get more refracted Only see light vibrating through one plane but actually not true Isotropic <- isometric Anisotropic- direction to it; all other classes Split light, polarizes it, split at 90 angles, one travels faster than other Big delta- retardation Slow ray retarded; doesn’t move as fast as fast ray Big delta = (Nslow-Nfast) Each = .33mm Indicatrix- geometric figure that shows (N w/ = underneath) and vibrational  direction of light
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Unformatted text preview: Isotropic o Liquids, isometric minerals Uniaxial o Hexagonal and tetragonal minerals Biaxial o Orthorhombic, monoclinic, triclininc minerals Birefringence = Nslow- Nfast Birefringence = retardation / thickness 15:11 Readings for next class: 146-151 Refractive indexes in Optic Plane Z- gamma axis pointed up (longest) X- alpha axis pointed to side Y- Beta pointed out towards you 2 optic axes somewhere in optic plane Bxa- splits acute angle, either Z or X Readings for next class: 74-81 15:11 Nucleation Barrier to overcome Free energy system (G) 1 st step in decreasing minerals reactants -&gt; products Delta G G PRODUCTS G REACTANTS For spontaneous reaction need Delta G to be Readings for next class- 186-190...
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Class Notes Exam 2 - Isotropic o Liquids, isometric...

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