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Book Notes-Silicate - tetra o Ring silicates(cyclosilicates...

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Silicate Introduction Most abundant group of minerals in crust Make industry and agriculture possible Silicate Structure and Classification o Silicon tetrahedral- small cation at corners w/ Si4+ at center o Net-4 charge o Orthosilicates (nesosilicates)- least degree of polymerization- no O  an shared o Disilicates(sorosilicates)- produced by sharing of O2- b/w 2 silicon 
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Unformatted text preview: tetra o Ring silicates (cyclosilicates)- tetra share 2 O2- & form rings o chain silicates (inosilicates)- 2 O2- tetra shared o sheet silicates (phyllosilicates)- 3 O2- tetra shared o framework silicates (tectosilicates)- 4 O2- shared • net – charge except for quartz high degree of polymerization only if silicon abundant...
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