NOTES for Sed Rock Test

NOTES for Sed Rock Test - SedRockTest 20:21...

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20:21 Types of sed rocks: clastic, biochemical, and chemical Attributes: grain size, roundess, shape, sorting Porosity: function of grain sorting  Permeability: function of both grain size and sorting Weathering: physical or chemical Physical: frost action, freezing and thawing, roots, burrows Chemical: dissolution, hydrolosis, oxidation/ reduction Soil profile: organic, leaching, accumulation Hjulstrom’s diagram: relationship b/w erosion and transport and grain size Reynolds and Froude #s Laminar v. turbulent flow Tranquil v. rapid slow Fluid flow (water and air) v. gravity flow Bedforms Lower flow regime: ripples, sand waves, dunes Upper flow regime: plane bed and antidunes 2-d bed forms: ripples or dunes migrating over uniform surface- igves tabular x  beds 3D bedforms: ripple or dunes migration over scours or troughs; infilling gives  trough xbeds unidirectional current rippples or dunes: asymmetrical; waves: symmetrical or  oscillating currents ripples or dune crest: straight, sinuous, catenary, linguloid, lunate case of climbing ripples principal cross bedding: trough and tabular
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NOTES for Sed Rock Test - SedRockTest 20:21...

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