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MNS320 Marine Ecology Name:____________________________________ Quiz #4, 10 points total UT EID:__________________________________ 1. (3 pts.) In the Myers et al. paper that we discussed, they hypothesized that severe reductions in the populations of _____ large sharks/apex predatory sharks___ led to increases in the abundance of ______ mesopredatory elasmobranchs/rays_____ and an almost complete removal of ___ scallops___ near North Carolina. 2. (1 pt) The primary limiting factor for deep-sea benthic communities is: a. sediment particle size. b. availability of food. c. All of the other choices are correct. d. oxygen. 3. (1 pt) The transition zone between the well-lit upper waters and the waters that no sunlight reaches is termed the ____ zone. a. dysphotic b. aphotic c. photic d. euphotic e. None of the above 4. (1 pt) Which of the following environmental characteristics is most variable in the deep sea?
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Unformatted text preview: a. oxygen b. temperature c. salinity d. pressure 5. (2 pts) The primary source of food for deep sea communities (other than vents and seeps) is POM. Name two different forms of POM generally available to deep sea communities. Whale falls, marine snow, fecal pellets, chitin moults, terrestrial veg. 6. (1 pt) In general, POM flux to the deep sea is correlated with ______________ surface production__________________________________. 7. (1 pt) The two main classes of sediment in the deep sea are clay (inorganic) sediments and _______ biogenic oozes________________________. Bonus question (1 pt): List one adaptation of deep-sea organisms to deal with low temperatures or high pressure. Enzymes better @ low temp, changes in membrane lipids,...
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