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MNS320_molecol_plankton_quiz key - MNS320 Marine Ecology...

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MNS320 Marine Ecology Name:____________________________________ Quiz #2, 20 points total UT EID:__________________________________ 1. (5 pt) Define the following: plankton organisms that can’t swim enough to overcome the water movement phytoplankton plankton that make their own food via photosynthesis zooplankton plankton that eat other plankton; are carnivorous/herbivorous/omnivorous holoplankton plankton that spend their entire life as plankton meroplankton plankton that spend only part of their life cycle in the plankton 2. (1 pt) What is the dominant group of zooplankton in the ocean (and the most abundant multicellular organism on earth)? COPEPODS 3. (1 pt) TRUE or FALSE: All species of phytoplankton have the same optimal light intensity for photosynthesis. 4. (1 pt) List one way in which plankton can control their position in the water column. Reduction of over weight/exclusion of heavy ions/gas filled floats increase in surface of resistance/spines/flat body shape swimming 5. (1 pt) List one reason why genotype does not always equal phenotype.
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MNS320_molecol_plankton_quiz key - MNS320 Marine Ecology...

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