Quiz6key - Hide burrow Aggregate Seal itself(5 Why is mechanical stress an important consideration for intertidal species(1pt Waves can dislodge

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NAME___________________________________ QUIZ 6 - MNS320 - spring 10 (1) Diurnal tides have __ONE_______ high tide periods during a 24hr cycle. (1pt). (2) Give three potential environmental conditions that species have do deal in the intertidal (3pts). Desiccation Wave action Temperature Salinity (3) Of the above, which one(s) do you think play a role in the evolutionary adaptation of intertidal species? (2pts). Water loss is the primary – the rest are also important but secondary (4) Give two examples of how species resist water loss during high tide (2pts).
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Unformatted text preview: Hide / burrow Aggregate Seal itself (5) Why is mechanical stress an important consideration for intertidal species? (1pt) Waves can dislodge animals off the intertidal. (6) How does competition affect the distribution of intertidal species? (1pt) Good competitors will take over space and prevent poor competitors from occupying that area. EXTRA CREDIT: Give an example of an invasive species from today’s presentation, where did it invade? (1pt)....
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