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Quiz9key_1 - Both 6 Give two examples of seagrass...

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MNS320 Marine Ecology 2010 Name:____________________________________ Quiz 9, 15 points total 1. Benthic-Pelagic coupling refers to what? (2pts): Strong association between processes in the water column and processes in the benthos. 2. The clam Macoma buries in the sand but feeds on the surface of soft sediments. Is this species a sediment (a) stabilizer or (b) destabilizer? (2pts) Destabilizer 3) FLOW Question: If a polychaete worm wants to disperse gametes it releases them during ___FAST FLOW____________, but the gametes may occur in low concentrations. Alternatively, if larvae want to settle on soft sediment, they would have a higher probability of success during __SLOW FLOW________________ (2pts). 4) In rocky benthic habitats, what resource do sessile organisms compete for ? (1pt) Space 5) Seagrass die off is regulated by top-down mechanisms or bottom-up mechanisms? (1pt).
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Unformatted text preview: Both 6) Give two examples of seagrass functions (2pts). Buffer coastal areas against storms / process wastewater coming from inland / retard sedimentation of organic matter 7) Mangrove habitats tend to have ( high /low ) productivity. Much of the biomass gets ( imported / exported ). (2pts). 8) In Peter’s presentation, what was an important environmental problem that the Florida artificial reef program is facing? (1pt) Hurricane pathways 9) What is one advantage of forming a colony by organisms? (1pt) Higher reproductive success / higher competitive ability / distribution of tasks / EXTRA CREDIT 8) What are priority effects? (2pts). Timing of larvae arrival (and density of arrival) to a new habitat can determine the outcome of a community...
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